Mark Johnson


Artist Statement

Looking to expand my world, I immerse myself in many forms of art including painting, print, digital media, music, and architecture.


The vast open vistas and atmospheric conditions of coastal Maine, where weather, tides, moon cycles, cloud formations and the play of wind present a world in motion, are the source of inspirations for my paintings. The constant physical landscape and the transient states of the sea and sky provide endless opportunities to explore my ongoing interest in combining opposites - abstraction and representation, movement and stillness, the known and the unknown - while also underscoring my view of art as both a form of communication and a means for contemplation.


Dark Matter is an ongoing series of archival pigment prints interpreting the elusive dark matter and energy that constitutes ninety-six percent of the Universe, which, by the way, leaves only four percent for all remaining physical matter. I was struck by the implications of this information and the fact we are not the center of our solar system, or the Milky Way Galaxy, or the Universe, and not the majority of physical matter. From this I have been inspired to created an ongoing series that celebrates the vastness, mystery and constant movement of the Universe.

Chart Series and Galaxies are two groups of prints created using advance digital media, including laser cutting and digital applications, in tandem with etching and relief print techniques. They are the outcome of years of experimenting with ways of combining established and new forms of media.

The letterpress prints (found in the prints/text section) incorporate words or phrases that literally popup and overrun the airwaves and then, just as quickly, disappear.